”@”@Founded in 1965, located in Ta-Chia, Taiwan the company name is Cheng Da Electric Factory, special in Electric Fans, Motors. The fans sold in domestic market, due to the good quality in our production the sales volume enlarged and smoothly. In 1970 change company name as: Ho Sen Electric Industrial Co. starting export our production to Japan, U.S.A., Hong Kong, Mainland China and other countries. In 1975 established new factory at Tai Chung Yu Shih Industrial Park with land 8,000 square meter, factory building 6,000 square meter. Set up 4 lines separate producing Ceiling Fans, Box Fans, Stand Fans, Cooling Water Fans, and etc. for family purpose. And produce Heat Fans, Electric Heater for winter. The company name changed as today's name: Ho Sen Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. The best record in our business volume is 50 million US dollar one year, obtained a lot of foreign exchange for our country. From 1990 in Taiwan the laborers decreased, so, we established a new factory at Tong Guan City, China named: Ta Sen Electric Factory in producing the cheaper and bigger order for exporting. Taiwan factory only produce high class quality and small quantity but varied items order. Our company concentrated in Electric Fans for more than 35 years, good quality, reasonable prices, and always supply new designs yearly. We sincerely expecting your kind favor to use our production.
Address”GNO. 238. TA AN KONG RD., TACHIA.